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SMS marketing

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High concurrency, low price, support uplink and high arrival rate......

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Advantages: high concurrency, low price, support uplink and high arrival rate;

Typical application scenarios: e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, tmall,, pinduoduo, vipshop and Amazon, and enterprise marketing activities in various industries;

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the important marketing methods for the operation and promotion of traditional enterprises. It is favored by many businesses by virtue of its advantages such as low price, fast communication and simple push operation. In recent years, many Internet enterprises have also begun to carry out SMS marketing, and the industry scope covered by SMS marketing is becoming wider and wider, which has been applied to all aspects of our life.

SMS marketing plays a great role in shopping platform businesses. It can be applied not only to expand new users, but also to old customer maintenance and new product recommendation. The results are also satisfactory, which is also an important reason why SMS marketing has always been so popular.

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